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postat de emiliano in 2012-02-09 17:05
- Mă Ioane, eu tot văd la TV şi ascult la radio de bursă. Ce e aia bursă?
- Păi, mă Gheo, e cam greu de explicat dar, uite îţi dau un exemplu. Tu îţi cumperi o găină care îţi face nişte ouă. Din ouăle alea ies alte găini care şi alea fac ouă. Şi din ouăle alea ies alte găini care şi ele fac ouă. Şi tot aşe până la un moment dat tu ai câteva sute de capete de găini. No, şi-atunci numa că vine o apă mare şi învolburată şi îţi ia toate găinile şi le îneacă. Ş-apăi atunci tu imediat te gândeşti… f-utu-i mama măsii de afacere, raţe trebuia să cumpăr!

Bulă îi spune învăţătoarei:
- Doamna învăţătoare, îmi scrieţi şi mie o scrisoarea pentru Moş Crăciun ?
- Bulă, de ce nu o scrii tu?
- Dacă o scriu eu Moşul îmi va aduce un caiet de caligrafie…


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    Ox, Grant is in bad health and has been for quite some time. Just thouhgt I'd tell you that. Thanks for the comments from AMERICASnobs, Uncle! Oh yes, I read most of the comments (Grant was the one who mentioned Johnny's post here) and was so disgusted with him that it prompted me to do a post. When I saw Queen Native American Feminist Protest Warrior Karol giving everyone the Ronald Reagan treatment, Hey. We're rich and we don't have to share. We're better than you and we're proud of that fact! Be proud rich folks! , that put my Disgusted Meter on overdrive!What a couple of pompous asses those two are. Oh yeah, Mirth too. They are all self-centered right wing asshats and don't deserve ANYTHING in life.Maybe this is why Ablog is no longer in the Top 10 Blogs anymore? Could be. He's basically told his readers that he's disgusted by them over and over and over. I suppose, when you're making over ,000 a year you're entitled to be an asshole! Spit.Wazzup! You're banned too? Congratulations!!!! I am too. And so is Uncle. LOL I have no problem being banned from a reich wing site. You? Yeah, me neither.Uh Chris? You probably won't get a rebate check because you're not working, but if your parents are drawing an income, they should. They deserve it for crying out loud! Of course, according to Karol, your parents will just spend it on a new iPod and won't put the money towards food or heating oil. I'm serious! Karol knows this stuff because she sits up on her pedestal and looks down on everyone! She knows how your parents are suffering, but she thinks she and Johnny deserve the money instead. They'll just put it in the bank, give it to charity (Oh please! No they won't!), or will wipe their asses with it. See?Maybe this is why Pam of Pam's House Blend is now appearing on CNN and Johnny is not? Her blog is a REAL LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE BLOG and ole Johnny's blog is not. Nope. AMERICASnobs is run by a Log Cabin republican who purposely causes division amongst the liberals. Yep! He's a plant. He uses his readers for money and then stabs them in the back to boot. Luckily though! He's got Karol & Mirth as his cheerleaders to kiss and worship his ass!

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    @WhiteWolf: Nu ştiu dacă am înÅ£eles bine prima parte. Dar:Eu n-am dat lecÅ£ii, a fost doar o temă pentru Workshop.Ordinea nu este cea a importanÅ£ei, este ordinea în care mi-au venit în minte. Puteam să nu pun deloc conÅ£inutul. Eu doar am prezentat 3 variante. Citeşte bine postul, sau documentează-te cu privire la situaÅ£ie.Citesc foarte multe blog-uri zilnic, şi pe cel al lui Ciutacu. Refuz să fiu unul dintre proştii care se apucă să înjure prin blogosferă. N-am nimic cu Ciutacu, cu zoso, sau alÅ£ii…Nu comentez zilnic pe blog-ul lui (dacă îmi aduc bine aminte, de 3-4 ori am comentat), comentez când văd ceva la care consider că aş putea să-mi dau cu părerea.Am peste 70 de blog-uri pe care le citesc, şi i-am pus acolo pe cei care am considerat eu. Şi să ştii, bună idee. Am să-l pun şi pe Ciutacu.

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